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I have a hard time definitively saying summer is my favorite season because I absolutely love the time from Halloween until New Years so, so much. In general, though, I love the warmth and the feeling of fun with friends and family in summer! I love the smell of sunscreen and coconuts and drinking cold drinks in the heat. Plus, I don't love layering so summer is great for me because I can wear shorts and a t-shirt!

With all those great things about summer, there's also a fun little thing called summer reading! I don't mean your mandatory books - tbh, sometimes summer reading books were the bane of my existence because I so wanted to be reading other books! 😂 But really, reading in the summer is so nice. Some of my best reading memories involve the beach with people I love and a book I can't stop reading.

I'm going to share some of my favorite books to read during summer! If you like any of them, let me know. I love hearing what you guys think of books!!


Percy Jackson - The Lightning Thief
This book is so, so good! I don't want to say too much but if you or your child haven't read it, please pick it up! It has the best humor, friendships, romance and Greek gods! Plus the main character is the son of Poseidon - instant beach read!

The Mysterious Benedict Society
To be fair, I read this during the summer when I was in high school so I probably think of it as a summer read when it really isn't at all. It's quirky, smart and so funny! Give it a try!

Arlo Finch
Absolutely for any child (or adult!) who loves books about bravery and adventure! Ideal for the summer - you can read it whilst camping or at the beach! Or during a rainy summer day, snuggle up with it to feel like you're in the thick of adventure!

If you haven't read Aquamarine - OH MY GOSH. Go and get it! Mermaids and friendship, oh my. It's pretty different from the movie if I remember correctly. I actually haven't read it in so long, now I want to reread it!

I adored this book as a child and think everyone should read it! Plus... Owls.

Ella Enchanted
This book is so charming and features a really powerful message. If you like to escape to fantasy lands while reading in the summer, this is a great pick for you!

I don't know why but I love Coraline as a summer read?! It's absolutely a chilling, Halloween read but I remember rereading it and then watching the film on a rainy day one summer in high school and I love listening to the soundtrack on rainy days now. So I suppose this one is a rainy summer day read, really!

Bridge to Terabithia
All the feels! If you want one jam packed with emotion and imagination and friendship, this is a fantastic book!

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making
I read this one a few years ago and LOVED it! So much adventure and a fun writing style I enjoyed!

A Series of Unfortunate Events
Really funny, sort of dark and always my favorite to reread when I was younger. I probably don't need to intro these books but I'll say they're incredibly fun to read during the summer!

MAGICAL! If you haven't read Matilda, please add it to your TBR because it's just everything. It's a good book for every season, really!

Kids Summer Reading:


Stay Sweet
This was everything I needed in a summer read. A nostalgic and engrossing atmosphere, strong friendships and girl power, a charming love interest and fun twists and turns throughout. I can't speak highly enough of this book!

The Unexpected Everything
A warm, engaging summer read with a super fun cast of friends and a guy you're going to fall head over heels for! There are themes of family and coming into your own while also filled with cute dogs and hilarious moments!

Save the Date
Again, EVERYTHING I NEEDED. When you tell me a book is 'Father of the Bride' meets anything, I'm in. Especially when it's 'Father of the Bride' meets 'Sixteen Candles!' This book is amazing and features the most fun family ever. I loved everything about it!

To All The Boys I've Loved Before
So sweet and about three sisters who I may or may not have related myself and my two younger sisters to! Haha I really enjoyed this book - there's drama and romance and lots of baked goods, which I mean, come on!

Simon Vs.
I have talked about this book endlessly on my Bookstagram, BookTube and here on the blog! I'll just say this: GO GET IT! ;)

Love & Gelato
The perfect summer read! Set in gorgeous Italy and packed with romance, intrigue and family mysteries and relationships, it's a fun beach read for sure!

Carry On
This book is just literally everything. Both times I've read it have been on beachy trips, so I guess that's why I love it as a summer read. The perfect day for me would include reading Carry On at the beach from 10am-12:30pm and then grabbing lunch before heading home, beating the rain and then snuggling up and reading it while the grey sky and warm summer air make the atmosphere just right. I know, oddly specific... Hahaha

The Amateurs
This one is a fun mystery to read while at the beach. It's from the author of Pretty Little Liars and it's pretty similar in the writing and the style of storytelling so if you're a fan of PLL, I bet you'll love this one! I don't know what it is about a light mystery during summer but it really just does the trick!

Any John Green
I can't pick just one John Green book to include because I love so many! You may want to start with Paper Towns if you like a bit of mystery and some fun friendships. An Abundance of Katherines is my fave, though it isn't his most popular. You also may want to read Turtles All the Way Down! For me that one feels very autumnal, but that could very well be because I read it last autumn! Whatever you decide, I think you'll enjoy John Green's friendly and contemporary voice in the summer!

First We Were IV
This book is a bit dark but it's really atmospheric and gripping - it's a nice read for summer evenings as it takes place in a small seaside town and is full of mystery. I really enjoyed this one, it's a lot of fun while also being pretty deep. It definitely isn't the lightest, though.

I Never
This one may be better for older teens - probably 17 and up. It's about a girl growing up and her first boyfriend and how it affects her, her sexuality and confidence, and her friendships and future. It's so, so good. The writing is wonderful - the dialogue is fantastic and accessible. I absolutely enjoyed this book and think you will, too!

True Letters From a Fictional Life
I've gone on about this book plenty, but it's just a nice contemporary with some good themes and messages that are easy to absorb without being overwhelming. It's about James, who's the star athlete and all around carefree guy, who is thinking about someone who's certainly not his girlfriend: a guy. It's so good! I read it during that time between summer and autumn and just loved it so much.

More Happy Than Not
This book will probably break your heart, though that's to be expected from Mr. Silvera! It's an amazing book, though, and I really enjoyed it. I liked the way the story was presented and I don't want to say much more and give anything away - I'll just say you have to read it and you won't regret it!

Girl Online
This book is literally set over Christmas so I don't know why I'm so obsessed with it as a summer read? To be fair, I like it during Christmas as well. I just like how light and airy it is and how it's incredibly relatable. I really enjoyed the friendships and the drama and the way everything is presented. Again, it's just a relatable story... Except for a few big twists, which you'll see when you read it!

Teen Summer Reading:


One Day
Read this one over summer when I was going into my junior year, I think. It gave me ALL the feels and I literally read it so fast. It's so well-written and so, so emotional. I actually cried at it and I don't cry reading too often! It's a bit deep, but it's lovely to read while at the beach on a calm day!

I've Got Your Number
Hilarious! Laugh out loud funny, Sophie Kinsella never disappoints. I love this for a romantic comedy during summer. Especially if you're going on a nice vacay - grab a tropical drink and read this one. So good.

Big Little Lies
You might have heard of the HBO show and I will say I love both equally but for different reasons. I love the aesthetic of the show and the acting and music and literally everything about it. For the book, it was nice to see some details that didn't make it into the show and, honestly, I felt the ending had a bit more punch in the book. It's a FANTASTIC summer read!!

The Notebook
Need I say more?

The Help
Again, enough said.

Pride and Prejudice
I'd recommend any Jane Austen, really, though I've heard Pride and Prejudice is the most easily accessible for new readers! The humor translates so well to modern society and it's romantic with a strong group of sisters. Again, I love all Jane Austen, so choose any that sounds appealing to you!

Adult Summer Reading:

My Summer TBR:

- Sarah Dessen? I need recommendations because she has so many!

My Summer TBR:

I hope you guys enjoyed this massive list! I could honestly go on and on... I love summer and reading in the summer! Let me know what you think of these titles and if you have some recs of your own I'd love for you to share them!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy!

xx Robby

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  1. All Rick Riordan books are great for Summer reading really. They are so easy to binge. :D

    I hope you will enjoy The Gentleman's Guide. I loved it.


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