My PB Teen x Harry Potter Obsession!

Hi y'all! I am really excited about this blog post because I knew once I got the Golden Snitch from Santa, I had to do a little PB Teen x Harry Potter blog post.

(Featuring these amazing pajamas, no big deal, they're just the comfiest and perfect for common room or bedroom lounging!)

So the Pottery Barn Teen Harry Potter collection is basically a bunch of the cutest Harry Potter decor for your home. In this post, I'll show you what I have!

So, first, I have this Ravenclaw pennant! I actually usually have this at my desk at the office because my co-workers and I all have our Hogwarts house pennants! How fun, right?!

Then, I got this Golden Snitch for Christmas. Santa, if you're reading this, you're the BEST. I am still as obsessed with this beautiful Snitch as I was the moment I saw it on Christmas morning. I LOVE that it's a clock, too!

I have it perched on some books and I think it's just the cutest. I've always been enamored of the Golden Snitch - when I was younger I'd play with this little motorized Quidditch game's Golden Snitch that was probably less than an inch long! Haha!

The next addition to my collection was this Expecto Patronum pillow because... Well, do I even need a reason? I am obviously obsessed with blue and gold and Harry Potter and the stars and script are just so me, I had to! I love it so much and it really ties everything together so well!

Finally, I just got this Ravenclaw Tumbler! And that completes my collection. The quality is honestly amazing and it's just gorgeous. It's every Ravenclaw's dream tumbler!

And here are some photos of everything all together and pretty:

Overall, I love the PB Teen x Harry Potter collection, clearly! There are still a few things I want to snag, but for now self control is key. 





I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! I had so much fun creating it and I just had to share my love for the PB Teen x Harry Potter collection!

Thank you for reading, as always! I'd love for you guys to let me know in the comments - what is your Hogwarts house?! Let's see which house can get the most comments?!

xx Robby

DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored, however I will receive a commission if you purchase these products using links in this blog post!


  1. Hello from a fellow Ravenclaw! Love this collection and your cute snapshots of how you’re styling yours! Been dying to get that Ravenclaw throw blanket and Expecto Patronum case!

    Keep up that Ravenclaw pride!


    1. YAY! Go Ravenclaws!! And I know, that throw is so adorable. WANT!! Hahaha! Thank you for your sweet comment, Paige!! 💙


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