My Goals for 2018

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Hi, friends! I know you may be thinking it's a little late for a post like this - they usually roll around right at the start of the month - but I figure it's better late than never! 

So let's get into my goals for this bright, shiny new year! Also, hope you're ready for some cute, bright sayings and quotes because I've included some. :)

1. Get My Book Finished

This is definitely my top priority! I'm enamored of the book I am writing and feel a strong sense of dedication toward it - I love the characters and the setting and the story and just the feeling of it. So it's my goal to finish it this year! It's definitely doable for me to get the first draft done. In fact, I hope to be done with the first draft in the next couple of months at the most.

I want to land an agent, of course, but I don't want to push it too much here. I'd take getting my book to a great, polished place by the end of the year. For some background - I'm a little over halfway through writing my first draft. I've written a few books, but I started writing this one just before the new year. It's an LGBTQ contemporary! It would be the best if I could finish it, get some edits done, and maybe feel good enough about it to share some snippets or something like that. If you're interested in following my writing journey, let me know! I don't share a lot as it's a pretty private creative venture for me, but I also know you guys love books, obviously, so maybe there are some bits I can share?!

2. Read Once a Day

For some of you guys, this is a given! I've had periods in my life where I've killed the reading game and times when it has not been the case. When I was in college, I rarely got to read for pleasure as I juggled internships and jobs and a sometimes insane amount of classes. When I lived in NYC and worked in fashion, you'd think I'd be too busy to read, but it was one of my best reading times! The subway - I'm telling you, it's magic for squeezing in reading. Now, I work full-time and have a few 'extracurriculars' as well, so actually pleasure reading has become a bit harder! Plus, have I mentioned I'm spending a lot of my free time writing? So I'd like to try to just read once a day, even if it's just a few pages before bed!

3. Hit 10K on Instagram 

This one I wasn't sure if I should include, because I don't really operate my Instagram with goals like this, but it's been my sort of 'dream number' from the start of Robby Reads and it seems like I may be able to hit it this year. If I do, great! If I don't, still great. My Instagram growth is just really a push for me to keep creating content I love and it shows me you guys love it, too, which is the best. 

4. Get Fit + Cook More

I've had some times in my life when I felt great about my workout habits. Right now? Not so much. I want to try and focus more on exercising and building up some muscle and strength! In 2017, I also found I'm not horrible at the culinary arts! Something I never thought was possible. So I definitely want to start making more meals this year.

5. Blog More

You guys seem to really love the products I link for you and so I want to keep it up! Posts like my PB Teen x Harry Potter one are so much fun and I definitely am brainstorming more ideas. If you have ideas for things you'd like to see on the blog, please feel free to share! I'm all about creating content you all want!

6.  Manage My Money Better

So, sure, I want to blog more and show the products I love and all that, but I also want to tone down my shopaholic tendencies. At least a little! I'll hear Rebecca Bloomwood in my head a little more this year: "Do I need this?" It's just a good habit to curb spending, I think. I'm good about saving, but I want to be even better about it!


Figuring out how to do this with all of my other goals will be interesting, but I want to go at least one new place this year. I probably won't get my European adventure in 2018, but maybe I can go somewhere cool and closer to home while saving for the big trip! Anyone who has some cool travel ideas, send them my way!


I'm really proud of how much I've improved with being more positive and optimistic! And I love that I get to sort of share my positivity with you guys through my Instagram and blog! I definitely want to keep it up and focus on the bright side as often as possible.

(All sayings are pinned here!)

Thank you guys so much for reading my goals. I'm sure I could think of more, but these are the basics! I'd love to know what your goals are. Do we share any goals? Have any that are really different? And if you have a fun, positive quote, I'll always take those too!

Let's make 2018 a great year together!!!

xx Robby

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