My Dream Reading Space

Okay. If you follow me on any social media, you're probably used to my love for interiors. I know some of y'all LOVE interior decorating and some of you don't really care for it - which is totally fine! I do, however, want to explore my love for this area on my Instagram a little more and definitely here on my blog. I feel like it's safest to try out some things here on the blog because you guys don't have to engage with it if it's not your cup of tea.

This post is purely for fun - sometimes we just need to get our creative juices flowing, you know? I've been writing more than I have since... Well, since I lived in New York over a year ago. So this is incredible. This new story means so much to me because it's got a little bit of everything and, most importantly, a lot of me in it. That said, I am a super visual person and I find myself just envisioning the setting so often. I turn to Pinterest a lot and I decided I just needed to do a post like this one.

Ready for it? I'm sharing my dream reading space with you guys! I love a classic, traditional look with some polished bohemian and global accents to add life and fun. Plus, I always have and always will love the beach with my whole heart, so there's gotta be some of that in there, too!

Obviously my favorite shops are One Kings Lane and Serena and Lily! And I do love a good Pottery Barn piece. Overall, I love found objects and unique items that add personality. And here's how I find amazing pillows on Etsy!


Pinterest Photos:

Bookshelves with Ladder | Bookshelves | Windows | Book Stacks | Curtain Rod


I also have some coffee table books that I'd want to have. Some I own, but I am still working on collecting a good amount of them!

Books Shown:

So that's just my daydream of a perfect reading space! What does yours look like?!

xx Robby


  1. i am glad to see this.

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