A Bookstagram Worthy Home

If you're like me, you love having a clean, nicely decorated space and you love to have your books on display! Books add so much character to a room and you cannot go wrong with a lovely, vibrant array of spines. This post has been requested a lot and so I want to share with you how I curate my apartment and some little tips for Bookstagram!

Now, these tips are my personal advice, but you'll need to adjust for your own style and tastes. Also, keep in mind that cleanliness is a given for a photograph-ready space! Dusting, vacuuming, wiping, etc. Keep your surfaces neat and tidy!

It all starts with bookshelves! I LOVE white shelves, personally, and think they add a lot of space visually. The below are all affordable options if you're looking for some white shelves! The first shelf can actually be seen above!

Next, I'd say candles are GREAT for photos! I love to incorporate bookish candles as much as possible, though sometimes a nice Bath & Body Works or Diptyque candle is great! It just adds so much and sometimes those companies will interact with your photo!

If you listen to me about ANYTHING - the purple candle, Santiago Huckleberry, will change your life. It's the BEST. And all of these candles have free shipping!! These are all my faves, though I know some of them are a bit more expensive!

Never underestimate a coffee table book! These are my favorites:

And pillows! Pillows make amazing extra props. Here are some that are affordable and VIBRANT - if you like color, these are great to throw in the corner of your photo for some texture and color. A lot of these are on sale, which is awesome! Some of the last are a bit more expensive, but my Anthro pillow is one of my favorites!! If you ARE able to spend some change on a pillow, I can vouch for Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters' pillows - they're FANTASTIC.

Along with pillows? Throws. Throws add so much personality to a room but they also add personality to your photos! Plus, they're cozy and comfortable and who doesn't want to snuggle up with a nice blanket and some hot cocoa when they're reading?!

Speaking of hot cocoa... You know what pictures you guys seem to love? Pictures with mugs! So let's consider some really beautiful mugs that can really add to your home and Instagram! We display our mugs in a bookcase in the dining room, actually, and I love being able to see them all!

If you're also looking for some beautiful books, look no further! I'll include some really gorgeous books just in case you want to spice up your shelves AND have a great read. For instance, I use the Page to Screen for a backdrop a lot!

So those are my tips for a happy, polished home that is always Bookstagram ready! Let me know what you think! Do you have anything you always love to do for your home? Any favorite items we share?! I'd love to hear from you guys!

Thank you for reading! xx

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