Hello, Everybody!

Welcome to my new blog!

So you might know me as the guy who's gone into the ocean and held up a Percy Jackson book... Or maybe as a newly Simon Spier-obsessed individual? As Adam Silvera's biggest fan? The guy on Bookstagram who wishes he could date Simon Snow (and Adam Parrish)? Or maybe you don't know me at all. If that's the case - HI!

I am so excited to have a bit of a landing zone for everything I'm working on! This is where I can link all my Bookstagram projects and my YouTube videos and all that great stuff! I'm also excited to have somewhere to post my book reviews. I think we all saw with my review of Meddling Kids over on Instagram that the caption character count caps were not doing me any favors!

I hope this can be such a fun way for me to share my thoughts and connect with you guys. Honestly, I know it's so cheesy and unnecessarily mooshy gooshy but Bookstagram and BookTube have literally changed my life! You guys are so incredibly kind and supportive and just really lift my spirits and make me smile all the time and I'm really beyond thankful.

So yeah! Welcome! I hope you like my blog. Let me know what you think! I've worked quite hard on the design and all that - I'm sure there are bits than can be improved but for now I think I really like it!

xx Robby

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